Why Women Buy: How to Sell to the World’s Largest Market

Women drive 80% of consumer spending. The most powerful determining factor of how we see the world is GENDER. In today’s business market, women hold buying power of $4.4 trillion dollars, in the U.S. alone. Mastering the skill to tap into the world’s largest buying segment will give you the competitive advantage you need. Dawn Jones shares 7 techniques for bridging the gap and capturing more business. Through scientific research, learn how women differ from men in the buying process.
  1. Overcome the fear of sales.
  2. Learn to operate with integrity.
  3. Learn to ask great questions.
  4. Integrate 4 communication styles.
  5. Learn to sell to 7 personality types.
  6. Master the four stages of competency.
Why Women Buy will equip you to stay ahead of your competition and master the art of selling to half the population.
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