Seminars and Keynotes:

Top 7 Personality Challenges and Success: Leaders

  • Discover key motivators for each personality style
  • Increase morale and cooperation with all people
  • Discover how to motivate even the most stubborn types
  • Recognize how to eliminate manipulation
  • Defuse angry and difficult people
  • Learn how top leaders identify when and how to adjust their personality styles without seeming weak or intimidated.

Top 7 Personality Challenges and Success: Customer Service

  • How to deal with someone who intimidates you
  • Deal effectively with confrontation
  • Respond rather than react under pressure
  • Overcome fear and prejudice
  • Say the right words in the right moment
  • Gain respect from colleagues, peers, and bosses

Top 7 Personality Challenges and Success: Sales People

  • Discover the different personality “buying” motivators
  • Recognize what you’re doing that irritates some styles
  • Talk people into instead of out of your ideas
  • Get called back, not put off
  • Eliminate the sales pitch
  • Stop getting the run around
  • Get life-long referrals
  • Look and feel more confident by using your personality
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What others are saying about Dawn Jones:

“Dawn Jones has accomplished a tremendous feat — not just as a first-time author but for any author — to be in this rarified company along with Stephen Covey, Dale Carnegie and Dave Ramsey. We are so proud to be working with Dawn, who is THE up and coming business writer and speaker in today’s market.”

– Bryan Heathman, President, Made for Success Publishing

“Wow! It’s unheard of for anyone to go to the top of the charts with a single title-congratulations Dawn!”

-Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar Inc. Co-author LEAD: Like a Boss.

Your Successful Booking Program is filled with such terrific info, that I keep learning with every new read and listen. There are so many expensive “how to” articles, eBooks, and tele-classes on the web. Your program and audios are so superior.

– Jean Tracy, MSS; Author & Speaker

I just wanted to thank you so much for the assistance and coaching you have provided for me over the past year or so.

Since implementing your selling strategies, not only has my confidence improved, but my sales and referrals have gone through the roof! Even though I’m new to seminar sales, and did my very first public seminar less than a year ago, I have now reached Top 3 in the company “hot shots” as top sales person, and I’ve now been in the top 10 four times. Amazing!

What you are teaching is clear, doable and really works! And having the privilege of watching you train in person has helped me realize that you have learned these techniques the hard way – through trial and error – so it’s with genuine experience and results that you coach me.

I thank you so much and look forward to continuing my journey with you.

-J. Verhagen, 8th Dec 2012

I just wanted to personally thank for the invigorating, thought provoking words tonight that you share with us at the NW Christian Writers Association. It was just what I needed, a boost and lift as sometimes this all seems so daunting attempting to create more awareness and discussion around topics often shunned in our faith community. My goal at 46 is to be able to share this message with hundreds of thousands of Christian to let them know they are not alone and help is available.

-Thomas Edward Helping Hearts Find Freedom!