OVERCOME the TOP SEVEN personality challenges       and LEARN  how to  COMMUNICATE            SUCCESSFULLY with people, all of the time!

Bestselling author and international motivational speaker Dawn Jones will help you overcome the top seven personality challenges and show you how to communicate with success with all people. Whether you are a leader, in customer service or in sales, Dawn’s insights help you motivate people to action, deal effectively with confrontation and successfully influence people. Dawn’s highly energetic seminars and keynotes inspire, educate and entertain all personality types!

Whether you are working with clients, vendors, employees, supervisors or executives, understanding how to speak each person’s language to accomplish your goals and objectives requires effortless communication AND instant negotiation/problem-solving skills. The challenge is most people don’t realize they’re speaking the wrong language or focusing on the wrong problem until it’s too late. Jones can take the most complex personality challenges, both professionally and personally, and help you communicate with success every time!